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ZipDpos Fund Management Joint Stock Company ZipDpos Fund Management Joint Stock Company is one of the most experienced asset management companies in Switzerland. ZipDpos provides investment management and investment advisory services for both domestic and international investors/clients. Our products include Switzerland-domiciled funds, foreign-domiciled funds, managed accounts and advisory services.

The vision and goal of ZipDpos is to provide the most optimal investment solutions for investors, as well as the best knowledge of investment, finance, and customer care services.


Your account(s). Your name. Safe. Private. Secure.No lock-in periods (your always liquid).



Choose from our list of strategies, and protect your downside risk with our equity protection tools.



Zipdpos has currently manage funds across multiple asset classes, including public and private equity.

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The vision and goal of ZipDpos is to provide the most optimal investment solutions for investors, as well as the best knowledge of investment, finance, and customer care services.


Made for everybody. Whether your a newbie or a sophisticated investor.

Initial capital

Initial capital: From only $ 10, you can start investing.


Share: Get benefits as soon as your friends start investing.

Managed risks

Investment portfolio is structured, monitored and flexible to preserve investor’s potential return, especially under market volatility.


Low barriers, and low minimums that everyone can afford.


No branch visits needed (unless desired). We exist fully online.

Transparency and oversight

Monthly and ad-hoc reporting ensure investors are updated on the performance of the portfolio at any time.


Our goal is to beat the traditional guys by a significant margin, and at the expense of less risk to! We feel we have the tools to keep doing this … and to keep doing it for a long time.


We here at “The Hub” are firm believers in the true power of alliances!

For this reason, we have established a number of partnership programs through which certain persons or groups can potentially piggy back off of our resources, technology and reputation in the world of currency trading to advance their own business or further their revenues and income stream.

We have establish a proven, fast to market solution based on decades of combined management experience which means we can work with you to develop a scalable revenue stream that fits your business or personal goals in a short amount of time.

We have helped many motivated people begin to earn a substantial income through our strategic partnerships.
Below is a summary of the 4 general forms of partnerships we engage in, with more details of each further below.

Introducing Brokers

Our “Introducing Broker” program is just a fancy word in the industry for a “Referral Program”. This is our most popular, lucrative, and simplistic partnership.

White Labels

Our trading programs, our tech, offered through YOUR name and/or “brand”. Perfect for the properly structured Trade Manager, Fund, Investment Advisor / Company.

Regional Agents

Are you the “go to” person for forex in your jurisdiction? Are you a super connector? Talk to us about representing us exclusively in your area as a regional agent.

Trade For Us

Do you feel you have it takes to take your trading to the next level and trade your strategy for investors? If so, and you meet our criteria, we would love to hear from you!

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